The farm

Our farm is so much more than just accommodation, it enriches your holiday experience and provides lasting memories of the perfect vacation in the countryside in Romania. Our farm is all about simple bio food cooked with our home made ingredients, new comfortable rooms and the genuine warmth and friendliness of a Romanian family home, whilst surrounding yourself with the sights and sounds of the beautiful Romanian countryside in the mountains of Buzau.

We try to produce in our farm almost everything we need for ourselves, for our guests, for holidays and for our little farm shop. So when you book your accommodation the farm, you know that we will put on the table pure food, made with ingredients from our farm. What we can not grow we buy from nearby villages. However, we always make sure that everything we put on the table is raised with care, slowly and healthy.

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The vegetables are always fresh or carefully deposited in the supplies room. Fruits collected during the summer are transformed into compotes, jams or natural teas. We are happy to involve our guests in small farm rituals so they are welcome for a farm tour, we stop at every animal, we caress them, feed them and talk about them. Also, children can pick strawberries and other fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.

Out of respect for you, our guests: hygiene in food preparation and verification throughout the entire process comply with the most stringent European standards. We use traditional cheese recipes with modern machinery and utilities but not the latest findings of chemistry. Here goats give only quality productions because all we care about what our kids eat and what they do not.

To make a tour of the farm, you need to have hunch at the farmhouse (60 lei/person) or to buy farm products (60 lei). For children, the tour is free of charge.




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